New in 2017 is a partnership with Homma Camp Co., a business out of Tulsa that provides pop-up camp services. They have selected some dates from our calendar when they are prepared to offer pop-up camp services at the Living Kitchen Farm, allowing our guests the opportunity to sleep under the stars, after enjoying a meal on the porch.

Here’s how they explain what they do:

“Our Pop-Up Camp Service brings the magic of sleeping under the stars within reach for folks that don’t have the time or gear for DIY camping. Fully furnished canvas Bell tents are set up and broken down by our staff. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your camp out.”

If you’ve wanted to spend the night under the stars at the Living Kitchen, this is your opportunity. To enjoy this service, you must have a confirmed dinner reservation from Living Kitchen first. Once you receive your reservation confirmation, visit the Homma website to make arrangements for your camping experience. All questions about this opportunity should be directed to the good folks at Homma Camp Co. Camping will be allowed only for those using Homma’s services and only on the night’s they are available to provide those services.

Available dates (additional dates may be added later in the season):
Sat, July 1
Sat, July 8
Sat, Sept 9
Sat, Sept 16